Digital Solutions

We can help bring you into the digital age with systems to help your business.

Why Go Digital

Out with the old and in with the new


Always have access to your business. No more file cabinets. No more pain staking searches for employee information. Have everything available at your fingertips.


Eliminate human error with the use of digital systems that help ensure accurate data entry. Reliability is hard to come by, let us help create some for you.


Cut down on traditional costs like ink, paper, filing cabinets, etc. These costs that add up over time amount to a large sum of money. Let us eliminate that cost for you.

Digital Services

Below are our most popular digital services that we offer.

Web Design

The first thing anyone does to check the credibility of a company is google them to view their website. Make sure your first impression is a good one! It makes a huge difference.

Web Development

A beautiful website still requires function! Contact forms, member databases, ssl security, password hashing, and server side scripts are just a few examples.


Here at D&E we offer online learning courses which generate certificates upon completion. Do you want your own e-learning system for your organization? We can help with that.


Sell something online? We have the knowledge and tools to provide a multitude of e-commerce functions. Whether you are selling one time payment products or subscription services we can handle it.

Digital Collaboration

All organziations have the need to communicate and collaborate internally. We have the tools to provide document hosting solutions with video conferencing, calendars, instant messaging, project management, and much more!

Employee Systems

Tired of trying to keep your employees schedules in order or trying to keep your payroll on the same page? We can offer employee management systems that will take all of those headaches away! Ask us about it.

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