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Our 3 Step Process

Be successful in the eyes of the Developmental Disabilities Division (DDD)

Starting Up

This service includes assistance with the incorporation process and business plan development. We will guide you through completing your application in the Division of Developmental Disabilities FOCUS system and prepare you for the in-person readiness review, allowing for a smooth start-up process.

System Implementation

We will work hand-in-hand with your agency to develop polices, systems, and documentation that will ensure you are in compliance with all contractual requirements. If there are immediate deficiencies or concerns, we will work with you find a resolution and develop an action plan to minimize the chances of re-occurrences.


Ensure you quality assurance and compliance systems are effective. We will complete evaluation of your facility based on the rules and regulations reviewed by the Division of Developmental Disabilities monitoring unit. Our monitoring includes a review of your facility, member files and staff files.

Testimonials From Clients

From top to bottom services, everything has been a one-stop-shop period. The Consultation Services, the training, and starting a business, begins and is maintained here. If you're serious about going into business, I highly suggest you stick with D&E services.
Sergio Morning
From Phoneix, AZ
I have had an amazing and overwhelming wonderful experience with D&E Services AZ. They are exceptional and always professional with their work ethic. There end product speaks about their excellence in all of their services. I highly recommend them.
Frederick Kadzashie
From Phoenix, AZ

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